Customer Follow-Up is an Important Part to Running a Successful Business

The Internet has pushed communications into a global scale at speeds that defy logic.  Information can be gathered easily just by a few clicks of the mouse or just by typing a few keywords.  And all these can be done in a matter of seconds.  That is how fast a person can reach another person, even one that is literally on the other side of the planet.  Knowing how powerful human interaction over this communication platform is, businesses acknowledge the importance of taking care of its name.  All it takes to make a venture fail is a negative word put in or blogged by an unsatisfied customer.
Customer Follow UpIt is because of this reason that Ameeratel is a proponent of customer follow-ups.  We offer customer follow-ups for your client base.  In this way, you are ensured that your good name is retained.  Here is why: After a sale is made, a customer is usually left alone to deal with the purchase that he or she has made.  Most companies do not make it their business to ask about the buyer’s satisfaction.  If you let us do your follow up for you, you are guaranteed that your customers will feel that you give them the proper value that they deserve.  Our staff can assure you that you are represented in the best way possible.
For most businesses creating a sector or department especially for customer follow-up is too expensive and not very effective.  That is why Ameeratel offers this service.  This way, you get our trained staff working for you.  You do not even have to do the training yourself.  This makes our service cost effective for you.  Plus, we can be tailored to be a good fit for whatever schedule demands you may have.  Here are some of the things that we can offer your customers:

  • Initial thank you phone call – this is done within the window of a few days after your product is purchased.  This phone call will let your customers know that you are happy to do business with them, and in turn, they will even be happier to do business with you.
  • Welcome call – this is usually done when a customer purchases a service and they are welcomed into your “world”.  This will establish communication lines between you and them, making them feel that they made the right decision by choosing you.
  • Follow up – this is usually done a few weeks after initial sales.  This includes asking how the customer finds the product and if the customer is satisfied with the purchase.  This is where most other sales leads can be generated.  So you are not only keeping your current customer happy, you are also able to cull future business prospects.
  • Service check-in – this is done for scheduled service reminders.  Your clients will be sure to feel that they are being taken care of because of this service.
  • Surveys – this is for feedback and learning.  This aids in future market strategies and this will make your customers feel that their opinion counts.
  • Order confirmation – this is one of the initial contacts that a customer can have with your business.  We call to check if the right orders are in place. This ensures the start of a good business relationship.

In this highly interactive world, a personal touch can be life changing.  From a business point of view, it could mean the success or failure of your marketing strategy.  We at Ameeratel offer this personal touch to your customers with our customer follow-up service.  Let us enhance and develop your good name.

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