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AmeeraTel, a pioneer in the area of new marketing technologies,

provides highly effective telemarketing services for the purpose of generating sales, business leads, and event attendance. Whatever your industry is, whatever your needs are, we offer a variety of innovative solutions & services uniquely programmed to fit to your business framework.

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We Heard Your Voice,
We Top Your Standards.

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Because Your Business Is Our Priority

We can provide you with the round the clock services, strengthening your brand and your relationship with your customers to increase their satisfaction. Ameeratel has helped clients improve business functions, reduce timelines, enhance quality and improve sales while reducing costs by up to 60 percent.

We Grow Success

Creating Success Is Our Hobby

Running your own business could be a very challenging undertaking, especially on choosing the right person to work for you and with you. You could be at the top of every aspect of your business and might have all the bases covered but in today’s ever-changing and volatile market, it pays to outsource some of your responsibilities to a reliable company. Ameeratel is the embodiment of a reliable partner.

Our Facilities

Our state of the art facility houses a vibrant and professional environment. Our brightly colored offices create a conducive atmosphere in maintaining high energy levels and creative thinking.

Best of the Best IT infastructure

FASTEST 100MBps Leased Line
Internet Connection

SOLID Cloud Infrastructure

GUARANTEED Enterprise Network

#1 IDEAL BPO Seat Leasing Option

2,200sqm Floor Area with Over
600 SEATS Capacity

FREE Training, Conference, and
Interview Room

FREE In-house Nurses & Doctor

IDEAL Facility Amenities