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Administrative Support

While the formulation of solutions for the improvement of products or services is vital for a business, most people forget that a company’s administrative processes are equally important.

Through an orderly administrative process, a company will be able to achieve its business goals smoothly and efficiently by linking and holding all the departments effectively and efficiently.

For small and medium-scale entrepreneurs, hiring an entire team to handle your administrative processes is just not a practical option.

To remedy such a common dilemma among entrepreneurs, most turn to outsourcing office administration services to help streamline and leverage their administrative operations.

By outsourcing some or all of their administrative tasks to a virtual administrative assistant from a reliable PEO employee leasing company, they get to eliminate a list of monotonous tasks that, while essential, take up most of their time and exhaustively reduce the time to focus on their core business tasks.

Administrative Support

Acquiring office administration outsourcing services

Through acquiring outsourcing office administration services, entrepreneurs get to free up their time from a mountain of spreadsheets and endless sorting of databases.

While acquiring office administration outsourcing services seems to be the best alternative for entrepreneurs who are swamped with an endless pile of backend administrative tasks, seeking out a reliable international PEO provider company to entrust the completion of such tasks, however, proves to be a challenge.

Highly experienced leader in the BPO industry

Although a lot of outsourcing companies offer their services within the industry, it is still necessary for entrepreneurs to scrutinize and check if their choice of an outsourcing provider can fulfill the different administrative tasks according to their company’s set standards.

As such, entrepreneurs don’t have to painstakingly search high and low for an outsourcing company capable of providing excellent office administration outsourcing services, as AmeeraTel, a dependable PEO employee leasing company, is here to provide it all.

With AmeeraTel, you can definitely expect that our talented team of virtual administrative assistants will handle all your administrative tasks according to your standards.

As a highly experienced leader in the BPO industry and known to be an excellent provider of office administration outsourcing services, which is only one among the long list of services AmeeraTel provides, we will make sure that all your back-end administrative tasks will be completed within your expected lead time.

If you entrust the performance and completion of your backend administrative tasks to an online personal assistant duly provided for by AmeeraTel, we can assure you that excellence and efficiency are what you will get.

AmeeraTel takes pride in the fact that every virtual administrative assistant that will be assigned to our clients is capable enough to provide the necessary services as excellently and efficiently as possible.

Virtual administrative assistant

A virtual administrative assistant of ours is talented and experienced enough to handle email management, filing and database management, calendar management, and whatever back-end administrative task you want to be accomplished.

Each online personal assistant assigned to our clients will be fully committed to adhering to that client’s vision and mission in order to be truly beneficial to their organization.

Moreover, AmeeraTel takes into consideration its clients’ preferences not only as to the services they want to acquire but also as to the number of assistants they want to utilize within their organization.

We carefully take into consideration our client’s standards, business goals, and all essential factors to ensure that all administrative and other related tasks will be completed with ease and efficiency by an online personal assistant assigned to them.

If you are contemplating acquiring office administration outsourcing services but still on the fence about putting your trust with AmeeraTel, allow us to summarize the benefits you will get if you partner with us:


When an administrative virtual assistant of AmeeraTel works for you, we guarantee that the tasks you want to be accomplished will be completed excellently and efficiently according to your expected lead time;


AmeeraTel has always been known to be a versatile company within the BPO industry which is why we always take pride in how we can always accommodate any client request. As such, this includes the number of online personal assistants we can provide befitting the scale of our client. While we are known to provide staffing solutions to local businesses, Ameeratel also offers staffing solutions to international clients. In a way, Ameeratel is also known as a reliable international PEO provider company providing staffing solutions to international companies seeking to expand their business globally.


AmeeraTel caters to any company—local or international, of whatever size, to assist in terms of providing additional manpower it may need. With the help of our talented and experienced staff, we will make sure that whenever a company suffers from high employee turnover we will make sure that it gets the right number of virtual administrative assistants to leverage our client’s business operations;


AmeeraTel is known to provide excellent services for all of its clients but what makes it special as compared to the other outsourcing companies in the industry is that it offers its services at the most cost-effective rate without having to compromise the quality of service.

If you want to take the chance of partnering up with AmeeraTel to experience excellence and efficiency in the accomplishment of your back-end administrative tasks, make sure that you contact us accordingly.

With us, we will make sure that you will never have regrets in partnering with us and that we will be your leaning arm to help you achieve the heights of success.

We will also guarantee that the services we offer are all cost-effective because we believe that quality services shouldn’t have an expensive price tag on them.

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