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Ameeratel is a leading provider of BPO services. We specialize in customer service, data entry, and digital marketing and more.
BPO Service Provider Day

AmeeraTel Inc. is a complete BPO service provider that caters to clients from all over the world. Through the years, we have managed to help both large and start-up businesses in creating an innovative environment that provides you with an efficient way to produce high-quality products and services in a timely fashion. 

We, here at AmeeraTel, are enthusiastic about delivering excellent services to multiple and varying clients and employees as we continue to meet their unique BPO or KPO needs. Today the number of our clients has only continued to grow as the company actively creates a name in the industry as an affordable BPO call center services provider. We strive to give the best support that we can provide so that businesses like yours have a better chance at getting a leg up on the competition at hand in the industry of your choice.

Affordable BPO Call Center Services

We can provide you with competitive and satisfactory strategies to ensure that your inbound and outbound call center services improve under management that wants to foster your budding business. Not only do we have the techniques and the right tools to help you with your needs, but we also have a well-trained staff that you can use at your disposal to provide your business with the much-needed support that it needs to keep moving forward.  

Consistency, professionalism, quality, and efficiency, are all admirable traits and values that just about any business would love to have pair this off with a team that can supply you with affordable BPO call center services and you’re sure to see your businesses sales and productivity skyrocket in no time.

As one of the top listed affordable BPO call center services in Cebu, Philippines we offer the following:

Inbound services

Outbound services

Virtual assistant services

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