Differences Between Helpdesk Admin VS. Service Desk Support


Get a better grasp on how helpdesk admin and service desk support services really work.

There are two terms that are often used interchangeably when referring to IT support services and although both have striking similarities to one another, they also have many other different functionalities between them. To help you understand the difference between quality helpdesk admin and service desk support, let’s start to tackle the very definition of both. 

The main goal of Helpdesk support jobs is to ain you in ticket management, organizing any incoming issues, and to assist in evenly distributing present or future workload. This particular service focuses on service level agreements (SLA’s), incident tracking, problem and resolution management, and potential self-service options for their end-users. Meanwhile, Service desk support is the single point of contact between customers and service providers. 

It’s based on the IT service management framework that looks at current business needs and not just how they can best fix any ongoing issues at hand. Its main features revolve around internal and external knowledge management, IT asset management, and reporting.

Still, need a bit more details regarding the difference between these two services? Take a look below as we’ve managed to compile small key details on how these services work:

Different functionalities and support for different groups

Generally, HR helpdesk services provide point solutions to customers in a fast manner, ensuring that customers and clients are able to track and resolve system issues efficiently compared to service desk support who is mainly focused on integrating with other ITSM processes. Helpdesk admin is built to address the needs of IT teams and customers, while service desk support focuses on generally improving business processes from the customer, clients, stakeholders, and employee transactions.

Handle varying types of queries

Queries that include product-specific IT software and hardware-related issues are usually handled by professionals trained in helpdesk support jobs as they mainly focus on inbox management, SLA management, and omnichannel ticketing. Oppositely, service desk support jobs handle administrative, change and problem management, security, and incident-related queries.

Different timelines

A good HR helpdesk service is reactive, as it resolves around short-term concerns through efficient and effective collaboration. On the other hand service desk functions a little more proactively, as they deal with long-term concerns, focusing on both organizational optimization and problem resolution.

In short, both service desk and helpdesk solutions can prove to be beneficial as both are able to provide companies with essential support frameworks. Helpdesks are able to provide almost immediate support to help you resolve urgent and gravely important issues while service desks can help companies put effective business practices in place in addition to resolving issues.

Albeit understanding the difference between these two services can be rather confusing but with the help of a professional to help guide you through these different frameworks that encompass all the activities concerning designing, creating, delivering, and supporting IT services. At the end of the day, whether you want someone to help you with end-to-end management or to help you solve a number of short-term problems either service will prove to be just as useful as any other service whose goal is to help you improve the way your business runs.

Do you have a better grasp of the differences that these two services provide? If yes, then great because that means that you’re a step closer to deciding what kind of support team that you need to hire to help you improve the way your business runs. If no, then fret not, because we here at AmeeraTel are more than ready to help guide you through the process of figuring out what exactly your business needs to further its growth in the industry. Contact us today to get a hold of professional helpdesk admin service providers.

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