Duties of Call Center Agents


A call center agent is a person who answers customer service calls.

They are trained to provide customer service for the company they work for and handle customer complaints, inquiries, and requests.

What do call center agents do?

Call center agents are responsible for providing customer service and troubleshooting customers who call in.

 A call center agent’s duties are the following;

  • Provide customer service, technical support, and troubleshooting to customers who call in.

  • Handle inbound calls from customers.

  • Resolve customer issues by identifying the problem and providing the appropriate solution.

  • Escalate cases where the issue is not resolved or requires more expertise.

  • Maintain a database of information on products, services, and company policies.

  • Give accurate, satisfactory answers to customers’ questions.

  • Assist and support dissatisfied consumers by de-escalating the problem.

  • Make phone calls to customers and clients to notify them about the company’s new products, services, and policies.

  • Troubleshoot, navigate the website, or use the company’s products and services with callers.

  • Inspect customer or client accounts and provide updates and information on billing, shipping, warranties, and other account issues.

  • Improve customer service by collaborating with other call center support workers.

  • Assist new employees by providing them with information about the company’s customer service policies.

Responsibilities for Call Center Representatives 

Call center representatives perform customer service responsibilities to keep the company’s good name and provide consumers with the information and help they require.

To work in a call center, one must have the following qualities:

One should be detail-oriented.  

Customer service representatives must pay close attention to the tiny details. When conversing with consumers, they need to deliver correct information and solutions to their inquiries.

One should be knowledgeable.

One should know the company’s inner workings and the products it promotes. All of the information must be familiar to agents.

One should be easy to communicate with 

Excellent in expressing ideas and concepts clearly and concisely. Call center workers must have excellent verbal and writing communication skills when dealing with consumers.

One should be organized and know how to multitask 

While chatting to customers, agents should take brief notes, access CRM systems, and keep track of recorded interactions.

One should be flexible.

Agents must be flexible in responding to their client’s diverse needs.  

One should be friendly and empathetic.

Even while dealing with unpleasant issues, customer service professionals should have a positive outlook on life and be able to empathize with others.

One should stay calm under pressure.

Everyday, agents may be required to deal with hundreds of calls from customers. Maintaining their coolness under pressure is essential.


Call center support agents can be employed in different companies, such as banks, retail stores, and hotels. The duties of call center agents vary depending on their employer’s needs. Their duties can include:

  • Answering customers’ questions or complaints about the company’s products or services.

  • Taking orders or reservations over the phone.

  • Resolving diverse customer problems.

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