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Philippines has become one of the most preferred destination for BPO services. One of the growing services for BPO companies is seat leasing.

Philippines has become one of the most preferred destination for BPO services. One of the growing services for BPO companies is seat leasing. For most businesses, seat leasing is a smart choice regardless of the business size. Thus, this is incredibly perfect for start-up companies with only limited resources as it actually trim down their organizational expenses.


AmeeraTel Inc., which is located right in the heart of Cebu City, offers variety of quality services particularly customized to your business structure. With our reliable and competitive equipment in modern work spaces, stable and high speed internet connection along with the necessary hardware and software needed in any businesses, your team will surely deliver its productivity and increase your profit in no time. To ensure the smooth operations, our dedicated IT support team ensures that all computers is installed with Uninterruptible Power Supply (UPS) generator in-case of power loss.

We value the work we do as much as we value our client, we know that the ideal approach to help our clients’ business is to adhere their needs, we make sure to go for extra mile to ensure that the outcome of our services carries the brand of AmeeraTel. Furthermore, we guarantee that your outsourced work will not be handled by just an ordinary worker but rather, an expert who can give a 100% focus. Above all, to help you increase your business efficiency, you focus on your core business and AmeeraTel will handle everything for you.

Here at AmeeraTel, we will work with you towards your business goals because your success is our main success as well. We understand that every type of business needs various type of amenities and support, which is why we aim to provide a wide range of services to help our clients meet and grow their call center solution. As one of the leading BPO seat leasing provider in Cebu, we pride ourselves on our ability to provide quality services for you and your business to succeed on this growing market.

So, if you are looking for a reliable leasing partner with a state-of-the art facilities, look no further! AmeeraTel can be your one-stop point of contact for your business needs. Our highly efficient business solutions have been serving clients globally for years now. Talk to us now and learn how we can be a help. We will be happy to hear you discuss your unique needs with us so we help you find the right deal which perfectly align for your business.

You can also message us through our email provided below for your queries, rest assure that we will get back to you in no time.

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