Remote Working Solution – Is It Time To Ditch Traditional Office Space?

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Is It Time To Ditch Office Space For A Permanent Remote Working Solution?
Get through the metamorphosis of traditional office space. Then, decide whether remote working should cease to become an option but rather a main choice for the business industry!   The COVID-19 pandemic has disrupted everyone’s usual way of going through their daily routine. Yet, the greatest disruption it has brought has befallen the traditional office space setup. It forced companies to reduce their manpower or enforce a remote working solution. For some, it required adjustments, especially on the employer’s part. Still, it seems that on the employee’s side, most, if not all, easily find the modified working setup a comfortable one.  Especially if the job involves outsourcing business process tasks. Adopting a remote working solution now marks the evolving definition of what a workplace should be. Together, let us discuss factors that influence the idea of ultimately ditching the traditional office space set-up. And getting into a permanent working solution:

The Tug of War Productivity in Your Office Space

There is a most common concern with the whole remote working solution. It ensures that the product will remain the same as if working in the office space. The said concern is why employers hesitate to continue the remote working setup. Yet, a recent study shows that no matter the location, your employee is working. Whether in the safe spaces of his home or in a relaxed shared workspace, productivity is not affected as long as the employee in question feels comfortable working in his environment. Most managers think frequent monitoring drives the employees’ productivity to an all-time high. And this is where the problem settles in. Each employee has his or her comfort, whether settled in the company-provided office space or a shared workspace environment. The management commonly overlooks little facts like this. To settle the dilemma regarding productivity, one must bear in mind that as long as a reasonable deadline has been set and it is to the understanding of the employee that each set deadline has to be met, a remote working solution remains a top choice among employees.

Happy employer, a happy employee with remote working?

On the other side of the coin, some employers prefer the remote working solution. At a glance, one may conclude that working relations between the employer and employee must run smoothly. That is simply based on the idea that the employer is on board with remote working. However, friction once again settles in as some employers get comfortable with the idea of extremely micromanaging employees. Some employers forget that just because the employees are either in the comfort of their homes or in a comfortable shared workspace. It doesn’t mean that the normal working hours will also have to be relaxed. This common dilemma appears mainly in the outsourcing business process and freelancing industry. Most employers get comfortable with the idea of asking for updates as often as possible without even respecting the employee’s resting hours. In the situations described above, employees see the need to bring back the traditional office setup. That is because once you leave your work area when your shift’s over. And, grueling demands from the management cease temporarily.

Improved Inclusivity when doing remote working

Finally, the final factor influences the idea of ultimately ditching the traditional office space set-up. Some employers realize that remote working solutions may cut their costs and allow them to attract a better pool of talented individuals with minimal encounters of hitches from the company’s human resource department. Accordingly, employers realize that the remote work setup accedes them to embrace diversity and inclusion fully. It allows them to hire more people from different socioeconomic and cultural backgrounds. It even offers a breather for the human resource management team from complaints of racism and discrimination from co-employees. Remote work set-up even allows companies providing staffing services to allow persons with disabilities to get a shot at their dream jobs. With how the pandemic affected every sector of the community, it helped every sector of society to find acceptable alternatives to allow employees and business managers to continue with their jobs. As such, this type of working solution became most acceptable, especially in the outsourcing business process and freelancing industry as it maximized comfortable working conditions. However, the ultimate decision towards what working solution works best for your company depends on your and your employees’ agreement. Find common ground between you and your employees, and never forget to be compassionate, especially in this pandemic.
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