BPO Hiring – How to Do it Right?

Deepen your understanding of how and why you should be doing BPO hiring

Do you find yourself in a position wherein you need to look for ‘fresh meat’ for BPO hiring constantly? Then this article is for you. You need to fill in the new roles that seem to be popping up frequently. Then hats off because that just means your outsourcing business process center is doing a better job. To adeptly hire great employees, you need to get a better understanding. Learn how to identify when to start hiring, how to do it, and why it’s so important. Listed below are a few things to consider:

The devil is in the details

How do you find great people with just the right amount of skill and expertise that the role requires? Easy, create an outline or complete job description and specification that you think would benefit both you and the company. And from there, you’ll be able to find people that best fit your current job opening. But how do you make one of those? Well, it involves a ton of research. You’ll also have to monitor the latest job trends and check if you can keep up with the current market’s compensation for the role you want.

Put value in a well-thought-out interview when doing BPO Hiring

People need to start reviewing resume and applications as if it was a form of courtship and place value on the type of information that they get, such as their career progression, how long they’ve been working for some companies as gaps in employment in some cases may be considered a red flag, their past achievements, etc. Now, interviewing people takes time, and that’s a pretty valuable resource to expend daily. So when conducting interviews, ensure that it lasts fifteen to thirty minutes long and invite only those you think are promising enough to interview.

Choosing is difficult but not impossible

Biases occasionally happen because a potential employee may have said something you disagreed with. Or because a good friend of yours may have referred them to you, knowing full well that you’ll take them in. A good recruiter can move past that and focus on hiring an individual they can see contributing to the outsourcing business process. What makes an employee hireable is their skill set. The amount of experience they have and the drive they carry to do better. Hard work is the key factor that builds the company’s strengths as it continues to grow.

Doing BPO Hiring? Get Help From the Experts

Interested in learning more about recruitment and how you can hire awesome people that fit the job description you had in mind for your outsourcing business process? We here at Ameeratel can help. All you have to do is reach out to us, and we’ll be more than happy to discuss things with you. And we can get you on the right path to efficiently managing the flow of your recruitment process.
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