Powerful Call Center Dialing Tools: Auto Dialer & Avatar Technology


Auto dialer and avatar technology are great ways to leverage call center operations

If you’re facing such problems with customer service and poor operational performance, the answer to your problem may lie in the new technology.

Companies strive to keep productions rolling and save both time and resources, but with a lot of processes to be gone through, a lot of effort, money, and time are still consumed – and it’s not even of a great assurance that it bears good results in the end. Some even opt for risky strategies – putting huge investments on obsolete solutions of which effectiveness has not even been tested in the long run. However, you really can’t ignore the need to keep abreast with the latest technology solutions to keep you standing firm, if not on top, in the midst of competition.

Find an Intuitive System

Investing in a new software solution is a big decision, but before you put on huge costs on such, you got to take a rigorous look on their stand for a number of months or years or how companies have benefited from them. But, there are emerging software solutions nowadays that have proven their great effectiveness in business operations and companies are now integrating them in their core systems one by one.


  • Auto-Dialer

    Auto Dialer allows agents maximize productivity and give them the capability to give the most accurate information needed by customers, resulting to a more converting interaction in between calls. This technology plays pre-recorded message sent to contacts and filter out all legit customers with the highest buying potential at ideal times. Therefore, it helps agents save time in dialing random contact persons and decrease idle time which results to reduced operational costs and increased agent productivity.

  • Avatar Technology

    Avatar technology has the capability to transform mediocre agents into pros. Whenever you operate outbound sales operation or an inbound or both, this technology helps by integrating a system that helps improve agent’s accent and sales pitch to help them deliver the most accurate and relevant information your customers need. Thus, it leads to improved customer experience which eventually helps bringing simple conversations to successfully closed sales!

For most telemarketing efforts, customer engagement can also be attained through strategic effort which entails the involvement of technology and particular set of software. With the right use of these software as well as proper management, brands could eventually achieve stellar results that they always aimed for. Integrating these tools in outbound and inbound operations will help reduce operational costs for contact centers, resulting to a stronger lead management, increased customer satisfaction, and higher sales acceleration. Contact us!

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