Roles And Types Of Services Performed By A BPO Call Center

BPO call center providers can support numerous businesses using the tools and resources that they have at their disposal to fulfill their roles in the industry.

The main role of BPO call center service providers is to help your business fill in the gaps within your ranks. This way you can maintain a sense of direction and optimal work efficiency when it comes to accomplishing tasks and corporate goals. 

You’ll find that BPO solutions continuously participate in multiple industries. These are healthcare, pharmaceuticals, retail and e-commerce, telecommunications, banking, asset management, and a whole lot more. BPOs have contributed to the emergence of certain sub specialties such as:

ITES (Information Technology-Enabled Services)

This form of BPO focuses on the production and delivery of Information Technology or better known as IT. A few examples of jobs revolving around this service are desk analyst, IT analyst, and production support analyst.

This subset of Knowledge Process Outsourcing encompasses a large range of higher-level legal transcriptions. Legal Process Outsourcing firms can draft patent applications and legal agreements all while assisting you in legal research. 

Some LPO’s have been known to advise their clients on legal matters. There are experienced paralegals that use industry-standard databases are assigned to tasks such as these.

KPO (Knowledge Process Outsourcing)

A lot has changed as knowledge process outsourcing continues to expand within the BPO call center Industry. Some KPO vendors are around to support tasks and roles that are considered the core of your business. This subcategory of outsourcing offers more than process expertise but they may also provide domain and business-based expertise. 

Jobs that find themselves in line with knowledge process outsourcing are roles and tasks that involve a lot of things. These are research, analysis, or the application of Microsoft Word and Excel work. 

KPO’s can make low-level business decisions but they seldom conflict with high-level business policies. The basic role of BPO vendors is to hire people who are competent to take on specific fields of your business that require assistance.

Travel with BPO Call Center Experts

The best way to help support your business travel logistics is by hiring a BPO call center. Someone that is specializes in taking care of reservations and bookings. Admittedly, travel BPO can help the company save money by cutting unnecessary costs all while increasing customer satisfaction. 

The industries that engage in this type of service are usually those that revolve around the airline and travel industries. Travel can help you streamline your front and back-office tasks, therefore increasing your business’s efficiency.

RPO (Research Process Outsourcing)

Research process outsourcing is a subset of KPO that specializes in functions that focus on research and analysis. This branch of outsourcing typically supports biotech, investment, and marketing firms.

BPO Solutions provides a multitude of services catering to the different aspects of a business no matter the industry. Some BPO’s tend to focus on optimizing customer interaction, and manning back-office transactions. They also do organizing IT and software operations, and promoting efficiency within finance or accounting services. 

Of course, there will always be a few less than savory consequences to outsourcing your tasks and responsibilities to a third-party agency, especially when information systems are involved. Some companies will tend to fear the worst about the face communication and privacy risks as security may prove to be challenging to maintain continuously. 

BPO Call Center Expert

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