The Advantages/Disadvantages Of An Employment Agency


Learn about the different aspects you stand to lose or gain when you invest in a professional employment agency.

Any new undertaking for a business is often hoped for to yield something profitable. Similarly, making a move such as hiring an employment agency can be tricky if the conditions are mostly not in your company’s favor. The rest of this article briefly discusses the pros and cons involved in using a staffing company’s services.

Benefits of an Employment Agency

Specialist knowledge

When an agency is built to focus on making impeccable strategies and processing for employment, one should expect that the agency has the ideal approach for recruitment. Employment agencies exist in various spheres as they specialize in certain industries on a higher level. Naturally, they have in-depth knowledge about a specific job market.

Ideal applicants

It’s quite difficult to select staffing from a pool of potential job seekers that are engulfed by time-wasters who just apply without sufficient competence or knowledge of the vacant job position. As a result, business owners use staffing solutions from agencies that retain a list of talented candidates for vetting.

Faster staffing solutions

The process involved in hiring employees can be taxing due to the different stages and meticulous processes involved. But equipping a staffing agency usually gets the job done faster. One just has to provide the agency with simple details like the job role and hiring time while they quickly handle the outsourcing and evaluation processes.

Temporary employment

Employment agencies are popularly known to provide short-term employment opportunities for job seekers. However, there are situations wherein a temporary filled position becomes permanent. If one is seeking an expert individual to work on a one-time project, consulting an employment company is the best bet on that.

Absolute assistance

The support gotten from a hiring company is well-observed for both the employers and job finders. They work in-between the two parties by determining the available job positions and providing the most appropriate applicants for businesses. Candidates even get to receive feedback on their applications regarding suggestions on areas that can be improved.



Indeed, hiring an employment agency can be pricey, especially based on the recruitment strategy and salary involved. In an employer’s search for a permanent role in his/her company, a staffing company can charge a percentage of the yearly salary. The pricing may be beyond one’s recruitment budget but it can’t be helped if there’s a need for filling that position ASAP.

Inadequate job advertisement

Some recruitment agencies may not put much of the business owner’s brand out there. Hence, one has to rely on the agency that adequate branding is included in the job advertisement. The second-hand details have to be accurate to ensure cultural fit as well.

The insincere and compromised recruitment process

This has to do with a few employment agencies that trick employers by offering under-qualified candidates for a job position in order to get their service charge by all means. Also, individual seekers are sometimes paranoid about staffing agencies because they feel they’re just out for their money.

Insufficient communication

Indeed, some job seekers grow to disregard certain innocent companies because of their poor hiring process that usually includes no feedback, irrelevant job roles, incompletely stated requirements, and indifference toward one’s career.

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