Call Center Industry in The Philippines vs. The Pandemic

Companies wishing to outsource their call center operations to the Philippines, the world's call center capital.
The Philippines Call Center Industry vs. Pandemic

However, in light of the Pandemic’s devastating effects on businesses and the global economy, how is the country’s BPO and call center industry faring?

The Philippines is a hub for call center support operations. It has the highest number of call centers globally, with over 10,000 companies operating in the country. With such a high concentration of call centers and call center agents, it is no wonder that many Filipinos are employed as customer service representatives.

Country’s Call center industry remains firm amidst the Pandemic.

Despite the global Pandemic’s impact on the workplace, some trends are unique to the Philippines. The BPO industry, in particular, is reconfiguring and reinventing its workplaces to tackle global changes.

What is believed to have worked is hybrid work cultures. This is when a company focuses on both business’ efficiency and employee growth. Businesses will be able to develop at an unprecedented rate if they can manage their operations effectively and digitally.

How did the BPO industry cope with Covid-19?

While COVID-19 snuck upon us in the early months of 2020, the corporate world and BPO & Shared Services are better prepared to handle a new working environment. The implementation of improved workplace health and safety procedures comes first. This includes ensuring that person has the necessary training and protective gear.

Also, many companies offer schedules that can be changed at any time for the employees’ to perform better. At the same time, the remote and onsite delegation of workgroups emerged. These schemes only show that the Pandemic has been integrated into a new growth prediction for the economy.

The Philippines’ BPO industry squandered a 120-billion-dollar potential. The epidemic has slowed the global economy, disrupted critical service points in the West, and postponed investment plans in the Philippines because of the uncertain economic environment.

The government-ordered lockdown was one of the local factors. The lockdown, which began in March 2020 and was only partially lifted in July 2020, was one of the world’s longest. Because of the lockdown, the economy shrank as firms closed, and even some of the strongest conglomerates and IT companies had operational losses.

Last Word

The Philippines call center support industry is one of the most competitive globally. Its low labor costs have attracted many international companies looking to reduce their call center support costs. The Philippines has been able to attract a wide variety of customers from all over the world.

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