Tips for Recruiters to Help Fill Up your Empty Office Space


Get ahead of your competitors by following these simple tips that will allow you to fill up your office space quickly with little to no problems.


Hiring and let alone finding skilled applicants to hire is tough so it’s no wonder why there is a ton of guides and tips floating around the interwebs. After all, the hiring process is considered to be the most crucial step towards any form of business success. Hiring people requires you to devote a lot of time, skill, and effort that way you are able to find the best possible candidates that are sure to fit in with the rest of your employees working within your office space. If you’re a recruiter looking for some tips and tricks on how you can hire people efficiently and effectively, here is what we have to say:

Understanding your applicant’s goals and aspirations


Understanding your applicant’s ideals and work aspirations can give you a clear idea of what they want to achieve within the next 5 years. This can help you foresee whether the candidate that you are talking to is worth the risk of employing or not. Questions like, will they be able to grow and to fit into the role appointed to them within the designated office space that they would be assigned to.

Don’t focus too much on the past, focus on what they can do now


Although it is important to screen your candidates thoroughly there is a big difference between making sure that your potential employee is exactly who they say they are and are able to do what they can do. Over time people can change habits, develop new skills and gain more experience so measuring someone based on this alone can be hard to do. Instead, why not ask them certain questions pertaining to problem-solving, give them scenarios that they may potentially come across if they were hired for the role that they applied for.


Take your time and pay attention to the questions you ask


Face-to-face interviews are great as it gives you the best opportunity to evaluate someone’s actual personality skills in person but it’s always best to take into the consideration the kinds of questions you ask your applicants and vice versa. So it’s best to come up with more dialogue-friendly questions rather than simple yes or no questions. If you find that your applicants are asking you thoughtful questions, then you can take this as a good sign that they’re just as eager to work with you like you are with them.

Eager to start hiring reliable employees to fill up your empty office space? Try out the tips we’ve mentioned above and if that’s not enough then feel free to get a hold of us. Here at Ameeratel, we offer all kinds of services from recruitment to office leasing services, so if there is any way out there in the interwebs that can help you with what you want to achieve then contact us now.

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