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Seat leasing initiatives are becoming popular and common practice in the BPO industry, regardless if it's SME (small-medium enterprise) or LSE (large-scale enterprise)

Seat leasing initiatives are becoming increasingly popular and common practice in the BPO industry, whether it’s an SME (small-medium enterprise) or an LSE (large-scale enterprise). 

Typically, in a seat lease arrangement, the owner offers a complete set of fully equipped workstations, including tables, chairs, laptops or desktop computers, and even headsets, all provided according to your needs.

Some providers only offer spaces in a “plug and play” setup. In this scenario, the lessee can bring their own tools, such as laptops or computers, and simply use the lessor’s space and internet connection, or the lessor can provide the necessary equipment. Due to its convenience, cost-efficiency, and safety, the plug-and-play arrangement in the leasing industry is becoming more popular. While there are many seat leasing providers across Asia, only a few truly understand and cater to the needs of their clients or lessors.

Get Best Services

Rental fees are one of the over-head costs that every business owners or entrepreneurs need to be mindful of when running a business. Although most, if not all BPO or call centre companies has its own offices, there is still a constant need for space especially for expanding or constantly growing organizations. What will you do to achieve it without hurting your budget?

Beyond Just Providing Spaces

One of Asia’s leading seat leasing providers is AmeeraTel Inc, located at the heart of the Philippines, particularly in Cebu City. With a track record of serving hundreds of diverse clients over the past seven years, it has become a source of pride in Cebu’s leasing industry. AmeeraTel’s leasing services go beyond providing spaces; they aim to create a sense of belonging. What does this mean? 

At AmeeraTel, they treat you as part of their family while assisting you in building yours. Their Business Development Professionals are equipped with the necessary skills to tailor your requirements to your needs and budget.

With its unique and customizable services, in addition to seat leasing, such as recruitment, accounting, facilities management, bookkeeping, timekeeping, human resources, IT support, and more, they always have recommendations to suit your business. They consider your budget and vision. Just tell them what you need, and they will present your options.

Ready to Start or Expand?

AmeeraTel goes above and beyond what is expected of them as a service provider. They recognize your uniqueness and turn it into an opportunity to build or expand your business. They will collaborate with you to envision your goals and bring them to reality.

Are you ready to start or expand your business now?

Get in touch with one of AmeeraTel’s Business Development Professionals!

Email: sales@ameeratel.com
Website: www.ameeratel.com

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