ABL (AmeeraTel Basketball League) 2019 Tip-Off

ABL 2019. AmeeraTel opens its basketball league last Sunday, May 5, 2019 with two very exciting double-header games. NoonDalton crushes GOVA Legends in Game 1 with a huge 40-point lead thanks to their highest point man Bob Bejoc having 35 points and hitting four 3s.

Game 2 was crucial as GAGFA and GOVA Boomerangs went toe-to-toe in an epic overtime game with the Boomerangs winning it by only 2-points. Adrian Isobal led GOVA Boomerangs pinching in 15 points & 7 rebounds.

ABL (Ameeratel Basketball League) is a yearly basketball tournament organized by AmeeraTel Inc., a leading provider of ready Workspace Leasing and Offshore Staffing services in Cebu, Philippines, participated by their clients and partners in the IT & BPO industry to promote camaraderie and sportsmanship. This event also hopes to increase awareness of the physical and health benefits by engaging in sports for employees and businessmen.

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