Client Criteria

Learn how to create an effective client criteria process that will help you identify, attract and retain the right clients.

Client Criteria

The following are 5 basic client criteria that determine if we are a good potential partner:

Customer Satisfaction:

We are a high performance organization and urges to create an effective client criteria process that will help you identify, attract and retain the right clients. 

We rigorously measure and manage our customer satisfaction. Our clients’ growth is our growth. We work hand in hand with our clients to define and set expectations. With our track record, people management skills, continuous evolving processes, real time technology, innovative IT infrastructure and built-in systems, we continue to meet and exceed our customer’s expectations ensuring their satisfaction.

Customer Satisfaction

Operational Efficiency:

We have designed our operations to be the most efficient.  Even now we are still finding and creating ways to be more efficient with our resources. We continuously update and improve processes through strategic evaluations by way of statistical and analytical assessments.

Operational Efficiency

Business value:

With years of experience in standard business processes we are able to provide real value for our clients at every opportunity. By continuously adapting to our changing environment we are able to create a profitable business atmosphere for both our clients and shareholders. Most of our products, services, and support are in house, and with our sites being able to support multiple and complex transactions, we are able to ensure end to end support to both our internal and external clients.

Business Value

People management:

With a rigorous hiring process, we make sure to only choose the best people in the industry. We also provide continuous learning and development opportunities for all employees. AmeeraTel also emphasizes a balanced work environment of both enjoyment and hard work, emulating staff creativity and persistence. We instill the importance of excellence at work so that it manifests when serving our clients.

People Management


Our new state of the art software, ‘SOUNDBOARD’, allows agents with heavy accents to better communicate with prospective customers in the USA. “SOUNDBOARD”, with push button technology, allows one to speak and sell to a customer in clear and perfect English.

Our Services

Inbound Services

Live Phone Support

A Live Phone Support is an Essential Part of Any Business

Order Taking

An Order Taking Service Ensures That You Will Never Miss a Sale

Help Desk

Comprehensive Help Desk Services for Business Outsourcing

Customer Service

Customer Service Outsourcing

Up Sell /Cross Sell

AmeeraTel Call Center Provides Up Selling and Cross Selling Services

Lead Capture

Make the most from your advertising with a lead capture service

Conference & Seminar

Class, Seminar, Event and Conference Outsourcing Service

Live Web Chat

Improve Customer Service and Sales with Live Web Chat

Outbound Services

Email Response

An Email Response Service Helps Facilitate Great Customer Service

Direct Response

Direct response is an efficient way of ensuring your business’s success

Lead Generation Service
Lead Generation

Produce Quality Targeted Sales Ready Leads

Customer Care

Customer Care and Customer Retention Program Outsourcing

Customer Follow Up

Important Part to Running a Successful Business

Customer Acquisition

Helps Identify and Target Qualified