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AmeeraTel is the leader in direct response services. Our experts provide personalized support to ensure your campaigns reach the right audience and deliver measurable results.


Our Direct Response Marketing Agents Manage Your Telephone Lines

Direct response is an efficient way of ensuring your business’s success as it is designed to focus on creating and eliciting responses by encouraging your prospects to take specific actions. The aim of direct response services is to trigger an immediate reaction that will help generate leads a lot quicker. In this fast-paced world that relies heavily on automated systems, authentic human interaction or communication is generally overlooked. 

This is because most companies utilize automatic responses that they tend to forget that quality customer service requires making an effort to talk to customers and form a professional relationship with them as their customer service outsourcing provider. It’s the long-term ventures that the business gets involved in that helps boost your company’s growth and we here at AmeeraTel, being one of the professional and highly sought after outsourcing companies in the Philippines and effective direct response call center, can definitely help you with your direct response services and more.

Direct Response

AmeeraTel is the leader in direct response services

We want to be the best representatives for your company so that is exactly why we want to work with you every step of the way. Starting with your direct response services and gradually help you with other facets of your business/ We will help you bring in positive results for your marketing campaign. 

If you’re curious about the value that you would get from investing our outsource staffing services for your direct response team, then here’s a few things that may intrigue you:

Straight to the point, quality service

Our service is highly customizable depending on your direct response outsourcing service needs and requirements. Our main software is programmable to suit each business’ unique demands. Meanwhile, our equipment has proven to be reliable enough for us to handle high volume calls or sudden fluctuation of inbound callers that may occur during your country’s peak seasons. 

At AmeeraTel we can provide you with a direct response outsourcing service that will give you access to highly trained and specialized individuals. But is also cost affordable as we do our best to provide you with the type of service that you need. 

We understand how disastrous it can be to be able to handle quantity. But not give the best service and we aim to ensure that your customers are satisfied. So, you do not need to sacrifice or compromise certain aspects of your business and resources. 

Your first line of defense in handling customers

We have a number of marketing facets that we can take advantage of to better reach a wide range of customers. Examples of this would be through media like emails, newspapers, magazines, mailorder catalogs, radio, and television advertisements.

Luckily enough you don’t have to overthink your involvement in the direct response process when you can hire a capable customer service staffing provider like ourselves to help you train and operate your direct response team.

Your First Line of Defense

We will be able to give your customers direct toll-free access to our operators and in doing this we will be able to receive your calls and act as your ambassadors representing your first line of defense.

As your customer service outsourcing provider, we can supply you with a highly skilled inbound support outsourcing team that is specialized to handle callers coming in different volumes.

Like many other outsourcing companies in the Philippines, you are guaranteed to work with only the best technology and IT support staff that when combined with our outsource staffing team we’ll be able to handle high volume calls to meet your volume demands.

Excellent service that you can rely on

Outsourcing companies in the Philippines, like us, all know that no two marketing campaigns are the same and will never be able to produce the same output as the other due to customers being vastly different from one another in terms of products, services, goals, and ambitions. 

On the bright side, we here at Ameeratel have managed to create a customer service outsourcing campaign that is flexible enough to cater to any type of service that you need for your company to continuously grow. We work within the budget that you have to provide you with the best inbound support outsourcing service that can help you with the tasks that you need accomplishing.  

We can help you maximize all your marketing efforts by helping you with services such as direct response services or even something that’s a bit more general, like customer service outsourcing services

As one of the leading outsourcing companies in the Philippines, AmeeraTel has been in the business for quite some time now and we believe that the numerous experiences that we hold and that have supported various companies across the country can prove that we have what it takes to provide you with the kind of quality inbound support outsourcing services that you need to help boost your company and keep up with your competitors.  

Best of all, our services don’t just end there, our list includes: placing product orders, up-selling, and cross-selling, and even capturing leads. We can lighten your load in the office by helping you cover all of these repetitive tasks and other services that are deemed necessary to help your marketing campaign succeed.

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Are you looking for a customer service staffing provider that can supply you with quality staff and equipment at a moment’s notice? Well, look no further because we are just as eager to work with you and boost your brand’s popularity and income growth tenfold. 

Contact us today and allow us the opportunity to give your customers a positive impression that they are sure to not forget anytime soon, by making us the ambassadors of your product or service brand.

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