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Improve Customer Service and Sales with Live Web Chat

The internet has changed the way people do business. 

Nowadays, sales via the world-wide-web carry substantial weight in a company’s overall numbers. As such, statistics show that more and more people are engaging in business transactions online. Thus, making the virtual world a great place to have a presence when you have a business.

Through the internet, companies put up websites offering consumers a glimpse of the products, services, and abilities of a company. They can do this without leaving the comforts of their home or office. 


Yet, while e-commerce provides benefits for both entrepreneurs and consumers, it is never devoid of disadvantages. 

One of the disadvantages of e-commerce is the inability of personally and physically attending to the concern or query of their customers. To remedy the dilemma, entrepreneurs put up online customer service to attend to the concerns or queries of customers. 

However, if the entrepreneur has expanded his products or services to the global market. So, approach to customer service must also be further streamlined.

Providing professional virtual administrative assistant services for your customers

With AmeeraTel, we will make sure that your customer service operations will absolutely improve through our efficient live web chat service.

Through our live web chat service, a virtual administrative assistant will assist your customer efficiently enough to effectively build rapport and accordingly attend to whatever concern or query tossed during the conversation.

Here in AmeeraTel, we will make sure that each of your customers will be attended with a professional virtual administrative assistant capable of providing fast support tailored according to your company’s vision.

Providing Professional Virtual

In this digital age, we also make sure that our team is fully equipped to stay true to our aim of efficiently providing our clients only the best of our service and to be at par or better yet, have the best customer service operations among similar companies for our client in its industry.

What benefits can you expect from hiring virtual assistants to provide live chat services?

If you are still on the fence about committing to our services with doubts in your mind regarding our office administration outsourcing services, there are numerous reasons why you should take advantage of our offer but here are a few that cover the gist:

Outsource your live chat to AmeeraTel

Despite the worldwide virtualization of business, we understand that human interaction continues to be very important for customers no matter what the industry may be. We will make sure that our interaction with your customers will definitely be worthwhile.

Our operators and the entire virtual administrative staff will efficiently monitor and take care of your website traffic when you avail of our live chat service.

Outsource Your Live Chat

While the utilization of AI-enabled customer service is highly advantageous to entrepreneurs and may have worked for other customers, studies suggest, however, that the AI-enabled customer service is highly detested among consumers because instead of expecting to hear a live human voice, all one hears is a recording – a voice automation. 

As such, companies are now fixing their approach towards customer service and are instead hiring an online personal assistant or acquiring office administration outsourcing services to streamline their customer service operations.

While outsourcing a virtual administrative assistant or acquiring related office administration outsourcing services might be the best option for some entrepreneurs due to the lesser costs they incur, the next dilemma they have to face is finding a reliable outsourcing company that can deliver quality services.

Here in AmeeraTel, you can absolutely expect quality outsourcing services that will definitely improve how you deal with your customers.

Most entrepreneurs realize that chatbots just don’t satisfy customers anymore which is why they have now incorporated live web chat features to streamline their customer service.

While incorporating live webchat features might be an excellent way to streamline customer service, most entrepreneurs don’t realize that extra manpower is necessary especially when attending to global customers.

As such, most entrepreneurs acquire office administration outsourcing services to mitigate such problems.

By acquiring office administration outsourcing services, entrepreneurs will efficiently and effectively attend to the concerns and queries of global customers 24/7 considering time differences.

If you are also considering acquiring such types of services to further streamline your customer service operations, make sure that you partner with a reliable outsourcing company capable of providing you with an experienced and talented online personal assistant for each of your customers.

Here in AmeeraTel, we can provide an excellent team of virtual administrative assistants who are all experienced and talented to handle your demands in streamlining your customer service operations.

AmeeraTel's Live Web Chat Services

Our agents and operators will treat your customers to the best of their abilities and will make them feel reassured about any of their concerns or queries.

With very little investment and effort on your part, you can be assured that your customers will definitely be getting the best customer support services possible.

If you are interested in acquiring office administration outsourcing services and other related services from a reputable outsourcing company then allow AmeeraTel to provide only the best customer support services you can possibly imagine.

Give us a call or simply submit a request quote on our website to satisfy your curiosities as well as queries not only on the services we offer but also as to its corresponding price quotes.

Hurry and grab the opportunity to work with an experienced and talented virtual administrative assistant staff that will definitely streamline your customer service operations today!

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Improve Customer Service and Sales with Live Web Chat

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