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An Order Taking Service Ensures That You Will Never Miss a Sale

The fast evolution of technology in this age of information necessitates companies to adapt at the pace essential to the nature of their businesses. Being technologically adept or at the very least, functional, has been a requirement for running a company nowadays. 

As such, this rise of technology has improved how businesses interact with their customers in a manner where it won’t be a necessity for them to visit the physical store of a business they are interested in to purchase the product or service they need.

Such innovation is called ‘e-commerce’, a simplified process or transaction involving the buying and selling of goods or services via the internet. Such a process also includes the transfer of money and/or data to execute related transactions. 

With e-commerce making it convenient and a lot easier for consumers to discover and purchase products or services, it is no doubt that consumers tend to gravitate towards businesses that utilize it. 


Through e-commerce, the majority of the consumers get to enjoy doing purchases and other similar transactions without having to do it through the old system of face-to-face transactions but instead get to do it all in the comforts of their homes.  

As such, there is already a growing pressure on businesses to be able to handle sales and other aspects via the phone and the Internet.

One of the business processes that most companies are trying to do over the internet in order to keep up with the recent trends, is to receive an order from another part of the globe for their product or service. This means that because doing business has now become more global, a wider audience is reached and in turn, a wider customer base.

For businesses that successfully managed to launch their products or services to the global arena, they get to perform better, profits-wise.

While the utilization of AI-enabled customer service is highly advantageous to entrepreneurs and may have worked for other customers, studies suggest, however, that the AI-enabled customer service is highly detested among consumers because instead of expecting to hear a live human voice, all one hears is a recording – a voice automation. 

As such, companies are now fixing their approach towards customer service and are instead hiring an online personal assistant or acquiring office administration outsourcing services to streamline their customer service operations.

While outsourcing a virtual administrative assistant or acquiring related office administration outsourcing services might be the best option for some entrepreneurs due to the lesser costs they incur, the next dilemma they have to face is finding a reliable outsourcing company that can deliver quality services.

Here in AmeeraTel, you can absolutely expect quality outsourcing services that will definitely improve how you deal with your customers.

However, better profits come with greater responsibility as said businesses now have to cater not only to their domestic customers but also to their global ones which clearly equates to a complication when it comes to taking customer orders.

In order to keep up with the demands and ensure seamless transactions for all their customers, most businesses acquire an outsourced sales management team that will efficiently handle all of it, even including the order-taking process.

Many companies resort to outsourcing their order-taking process in order to keep up with the high volume of orders for their products or services. This process involves the recording of customer orders accurately, securing the order, and sending it to the appropriate department for verification before delivering it to the customer.

Considering how crucial it is to handle customer orders and ensuring to be almost always seamless, businesses know that it is essential to find an excellent outsourcing company whose outsourced inside sales and outsourced outbound sales services can be relied on.

If you are looking for a reliable and highly outsourced sales management team in the Philippines known for its outstanding outsourcing services, AmeeraTel is the one you need.

AmeeraTel is known to be a complete provider of excellent outsourcing solutions with its experienced and talented team along with its state-of-the-art technology to be used in providing only the best outsourced inside sales or outsourced outbound sales services.

Accordingly, AmeeraTel takes pride in how its talents handle order-taking processes considering that its outsourced sales management team is frequently relied upon by companies that have difficulty dealing with its high volume orders.

At a glance, AmeeraTel’s order taking service offers you the following value-added services:

No missed sales

We at AmeeraTel recognize the need of every business to go global thus, we have built and developed our services to cater to this requirement.  We are capable of catering to inbound sales calls 24/7, 365 days of the year.  This strategy ensures that your business will never miss a chance to sell your products or services and that your customers will always be well-engaged and taken care of.

As a frequently outsourced sales team in the Philippines, we understand that different businesses have different requirements and demands based on operations. Our order-taking service is highly customizable and scalable befitting your needs. Our staff is capable of handling your customers for your single or multiple products or services.

Chance to cross-sell and up-sell

Because your customers are talking to a live operator and not just placing orders on a machine, you are given the chance to up-sell and cross-sell your other products. Our highly trained agents can further your business by offering your products and services in the most engaging manner, which has been proven to upsell and cross-sell increases sales.

Streamlined order taking process

We at AmeeraTel can work with you to create a process flow for order taking that will ensure that all the bases are covered when we take care of your customers. Callers can be directed to our toll-free numbers or to one that is supplied by you. We closely work with all our business clients so that we can streamline the steps for the best sales results. 

Additionally, since we value your business, our skilled agents are geared to answering questions from your customers. Plus, we can create a list of frequently asked questions as a quick reference which translates to better sales figures.

Ecommerce development

Our talented operators are positioned to efficiently place orders directly on your website. And if need be, we can assist you in developing your e-commerce as your needs require.

Maximization of time and resources

Our numerous services ensure that your time and resources are focused on making business better. Also, our customer-oriented agents will assure you that you will definitely have customers who will keep coming back for more orders just because of the seamless transactions we can effectively provide.

Customizability and scalability according to your needs

At a glance, AmeeraTel’s order taking service offers you the following value-added services:

If efficient order-taking services are what your business needs, make sure that you contact us or better yet, submit a request for its quote.

With AmeeraTel, you can be assured that your business’ customer orders will always be efficiently taken care of! Give us a call today!

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