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With customer service considered as an essential factor in improving and maintaining excellent customer relations, it is understandable how a company’s customer service advisor continuously presses on improving inbound and outbound telemarketing services. 

Accordingly, while inbound customer service has been a common practice among business industries, it cannot be denied that outbound services also have made a great impact on solidifying customer relationships. 

Through outbound services, it allows your business to pursue a more proactive approach to your current customers and even potential ones. 

As such, many experts conclude that calling up your customers as part of your routine follow-up calls after a sale actually makes them feel appreciated and is a great way to invest in your customers’ general satisfaction. 

If you are planning to acquire direct outbound services, allow AmeeraTel to provide them for you!

With our efficient outbound services, we assure you that proactive customer service is what you will get, including strategies that better address questions and concerns your customer faces with their accounts or of the product or service they acquired. 

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Outbound Services
Email Response

An Email Response Service Helps Facilitate Great Customer Service

Direct Response

Direct response is an efficient way of ensuring your business’s success

Lead Generation Service
Lead Generation

Produce Quality Targeted Sales Ready Leads

Customer Care

Customer Care and Customer Retention Program Outsourcing

Customer Follow Up

Important Part to Running a Successful Business

Customer Acquisition

Helps Identify and Target Qualified

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