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Outbound Services

Lead Generation

It is a well-known principle behind successful marketing strategies that a business should know its target market.

Customer Care & Retention

We put importance on you and your customers. We value on your trust and theirs.

Customer Acquisition

Our experience in the customer acquisition process is the key for you to open more doors & to get your business to otherwise inactive consumers.

Email Response

Emailing is one of the easiest routes to go when a customer has a question or concern about your product or your service.

Direct Response

Direct response is one of the most efficient ways of ensuring business success. We work with you in keeping your brand growing.


The telephone is probably one of the most important inventions in the world of communications. It has changed lives the world over.

Inbound Services

Customer Service

Business is at the heart of every growing economy in the world today. And at the heart of every business is customer service.

Order Taking

An order taking service ensures that you will never miss a sale.

Up Sell/Cross Sell

This is an ingenious way of making the consumer buy more than what he or she originally planned.

Lead Capture

Your telephone would begin to ring. When this happens, our lead capture service is there to capture your telephone calls.

Conference & Seminar Registration

Events, seminars and conferences are essential for the growth of a business, a company or a group.


There is a matter of logistics, manpower, capitalization, equipment and of course, the financial or accounting part.

Live Phone Support

Let us further human interaction by letting us talk to your customers. It creates value for people. Let us help preserve that value for you.