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AmeeraTel is committed to Service Excellence. Delivered through Western Executive Management, Staff, University educated or licensed / registered professionals in respective fields, with exceptional fluency in the English language.

  • Innovative Marketing Technology
  • Boost Sales with our 100%delivery rate
  • We value our Customers
  • Performance Success
  • Increase Productivity
  • Friendly Environment
  • Meeting Sales Expectation
  • Save Time and money
Next Generarion Telemarketing Agency

One of AmeeraTel’s core competencies is in providing customer relations and management solutions that are efficient and cost effective. This translates to substantial savings in operating expenses as a business and enhancing two critical success factors in managing your customers; first by retaining customers through extending quality customer care and service, and second through finding new customers for your business. AmeeraTel will help you in both areas and live your company’s mission and vision.

AmeeraTel assist you by:

  • Reducing your capital and operating costs.
  • Reducing your Labour overheads such as FTE insurance, benefits, etc.
  • Provide a service commitment 24/7 365 days a year.
  • Work with fast turn-around times and implementations.
  • Comply with industry standards on information security, confidentiality and quality assurance.


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