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Class, Seminar, Event and Conference Outsourcing Services

Events, seminars and conferences are essential for the growth of a business, a company or a group.  Being able to cover all the necessary bases when organizing something like this is vital for the overall success of the activity.  Having people converge in a certain place at a certain time for a certain event is tedious and entails the synching of a number of factors.  These include legwork that can be almost impossible when you speak of gatherings that include upwards of a few hundred participants.  This can be a headache if you do not have the proper resources to cater to the demands of a successful event.

Conference Seminar RegistrationAmeeraTel Call Center aims to assuage that difficulty for you by providing you with the services necessary to make sure that all your efforts towards the fulfillment of an event, a conference or a seminar ultimately becomes a success.  We are here to help you on all levels.  We can simplify your life by helping you with a registration service that includes considerations for membership types and other details as you require.  We can help you coordinate participants for different activities and even take care of both early as well as late registrations.  We can do this for you and give you a highly organized set of information that you may require from your participants.

Our customer-oriented, trained and highly skilled staff can take care of all your registration requirements including routing of information via facsimile or email.  You do not need to undergo the difficulty of being stressed by these processes in house.  That way, you can focus your attention on other equally important details of your event, conference or seminar.  You can have more time in your hands to take care of the other aspects of your endeavor.

You do not need to worry about getting anything other additional equipment or software because we are able to customize our registration service according what you require.  Our software is easily programmable so that when we get calls from your participants, our operators can read onscreen guides and instructions specific to your needs.  Thus, we are effectively able to get all the information necessary.  In case you already have your own system set up, we can streamline our processes with yours.  Better yet, our operators can login to your software and take care of your business in the manner that you know.  We are also able to assist you in broadcasting information by sending email blasts to all your registered participants.  This simplifies the process of notifying them of any changes to your event.  We are also equipped to handle credit card payments ensuring that your registration process is a one-stop-shop.

Our staff is highly trained and can handle all your needs.  We can assure you of faster processing, additional registrants and a seamless integration to any system that you needs.  Let us do the “legwork” for you.  Let us work for you and with you towards a successful event, conference, class or seminar.