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Class, Seminar, Event and Conference Outsourcing Service

Conference and SeminarSeminars, professional workshops, conferences, and related events are popular in the business industry which is usually held in order for talents to further expand their knowledge and effectively hone their skills. 

These are popular means to facilitate intense deliberations and encourage participation and interaction among your employees in an organized manner. 

These events are considered to be essential for the growth of a business which is why it is necessary to appropriately cover all the necessary bases when organizing it and ensure that such essential activity is successfully held. 

However, having people converge in a certain place at a certain time for a certain event is tedious and entails a meticulous process of syncing a number of factors to ensure its overall success.

Let our conference outsourcing service assistants do the legwork for you

Conference Seminar Registration

Moreover, scheduling and arranging for a seminar or such related events include a lot of legwork that can be almost impossible to achieve especially if it involves a few hundred participants and can even be a headache if you do not have the proper resources and you let unqualified people handle it for you.

As such, most entrepreneurs delegate this task to their personal secretaries or if their secretaries are already swamped with tasks, outsource it to a reliable conference outsourcing company that offers excellent office administration outsourcing services.

Yet, while the latter option is the most amenable one among entrepreneurs, the process of acquiring the services of a reliable outsourcing company is definitely a difficult thing to do.

If you are one of those entrepreneurs who are interested in acquiring help from an outsourcing company yet don’t know which to partner with and the appropriate qualifications to look for, you can always count on AmeeraTel to help you with your scheduling and arranging a seminar and other related events.

Here in AmeeraTel, you will be assigned an excellent online personal assistant with talents and skills capable enough to handle even the most hectic seminar or workshop scheduling and arranging.

AmeeraTel Call Center aims to assuage that difficulty for you by providing you with a virtual administrative assistant that will provide you with services necessary to make sure that all your efforts towards the fulfillment of an event, a conference, or a seminar ultimately becomes a success.

Hailed as one of the best outsourcing companies in the Philippines, our main goal is to help you on all levels. 

Put in a successful event with our conference outsourcing service

We will help you simplify your life and help you handle your business by helping you design a registration service intended for your seminar or related events you have in mind which includes considerations for membership types and other details as you require.

We will coordinate participants for different activities and even take care of both early as well as late registrations.

Also, we will give you a highly organized set of information that you may require from your participants.

The customer-oriented, trained, and highly skilled online personal assistant assigned for you will take care of all of your registration requirements including the proper routing of information via facsimile or email.

Furthermore, we will make sure to effectively check your schedule and ensure that if you hold several seminars, workshops, and other related events, they will not overlap with each other.

With the skills and talents a virtual administrative assistant of AmeeraTel possesses, you will be assured that you will not have to undergo difficulty in sorting such processes. That way, you can focus your attention on other equally important details of your event, may it either be a conference or seminar while having your employees improve and hone their skills.

With AmeeraTel staff as your partner, you will have more time in your hands to take care of the more important aspects of your endeavor.



We use a software to easily handle the planning and schedule

You do not need to worry about the scheduling and even the planning of your event because we are efficiently capable of customizing your registration service according to the requirements you have set for the specific event you are planning for.

Our software is easily programmable so that when we get calls from your participants, our operators can easily read on the screen guides and instructions specific to your needs and effectively able to get all the information necessary.

In case you already have your own system set up, we can streamline our processes and offer other aspects of our office administration outsourcing services as well as align them to your business needs.

Depending on how you want to utilize our services, our talented agents and operators can log in to your software and take care of your business in the manner that you know.

We are also capable of assisting you in broadcasting information by sending email blasts to all your registered participants. In doing so, it will simplify the process of notifying them in case changes to your event occur.

We are even equipped to handle credit card payments ensuring that your registration process gets a smooth payment process and will be considered as a one-stop-shop!

Each AmeeraTel online personal assistant is highly trained and capable enough to handle all your needs assuring you with faster processing of related processes such as additional registrants and seamless integration to any system that you need.

Let us work for you towards a successful event

Allow AmeeraTel staff to do the “legwork” for you. Let us work for you towards a successful event, conference, class, or seminar.

With us, we assure you that our services will definitely contribute to your business growth and improve your relations with your employees for a harmonious business workplace!

If you are interested and want to know more about the extent of our office administration and conference outsourcing service, give us a call or submit a request quote if you are curious about the pricing of the services we offer.

Hurry, reach out, and give us a call today!