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A Customer Acquisition Service Helps Identify and Target Qualified Leads

A lot of entrepreneurs think that putting up a business only entails having the right capital and diligent creation or conception of a product or service.

However, there’s one great factor that most entrepreneurs forget about which is crucial not only to the growth but also for the expansion, dictating the path your business will take. 

 It is through excellent customer acquisition strategies that help not only attract new customers but to convince these customers to stay and form loyalty to the brand or with your business, in general despite evolving business trends.

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For entrepreneurs that realize the importance of excellent customer acquisition strategies to a business, most have a hard time finding a reliable sales team that can provide a sound and profitable marketing plan.


The process of finding an excellent sales team gets even more difficult when done in traditional means especially if you do not have the right people working for you and with you.

In this ever-changing and volatile market, it pays to employ the right means and strategies to find the right professionals in improving your customer acquisition.

As such, the most feasible means to be assured that you will be working with professionals capable of taking on the task of improving your customer acquisition is by working with an outsourced sales management team.


We work to strengthen your weaknesses and enhance your strengths

We at AmeeraTel are no different, we understand this philosophy and place it into practice as we continue to take care of our clients by providing their customers with the best possible customer service outsourcing experience. We have taken this paradigm, improved it, and built a lasting business model upon it.

That is why our clients stay our clients for life. Handing over the reins of your customer service staffing and services can be tricky and usually, it involves an extensive amount of trust between you, the client, and us, the service provider, we have calculated the risks and are willing to help you make the difficult decisions that could further improve the way your customer services are being handled.

But in knowing all of this, that is exactly why we work with the utmost care and with precise attention to details that you demand of us. It is a well-known truth that in today’s cutthroat economy, taking advantage of the offshore staffing services that a call center provides can be nothing but beneficial to a company even if it’s a start-up.

Get an outsourced sales team

Telesales Telemarketing Services Solutions

Known within the industry where one gets an excellent outsourced sales team in the Philippines, we group our highly skilled call center agents who are specifically trained to optimize the business relationship that you have with your client accordingly.

That is, every call we receive or make translates to a better venture for you.

We will help you expand your customer base with our time-proven outsourced inside sales and outsourced outbound sales strategies.

These methods and strategies include, but are not limited to, telemarketing, telesales, SMS messaging, emailing, faxing, and even advice on proper media sales.

We also assure you that we will closely work with you every step of the way from the initial touch-base to the actual sale to the final after-sales follow-up service. For the acquisition part, we will assist you with the consulting to the presale aspect.

Our experienced and trained sales and marketing professionals will work with you in developing your program and strategies typical with outsourced inside sales and outsourced outbound sales to help you achieve success in the area of customer acquisition.

Apart from having the best personnel, we also have the right tools. These two set us apart from other marketing firms.

Our outsourced sales management staff’s training includes understanding how the buyer thinks and the art of persuasion.  We see the details and complexities that are part and parcel of the sales process and we bank on that knowledge to turn every potential sale into an actual one.

Services we offer as part of our customer acquisition service:

  • Lead generation
  • Lead qualification
  • Appointment setting
  • Automated and personal contact programs
  • Workflow management
  • Customer follow-up
  • Business to business and business to customer sales and acquisition
  • Fulfillment and payment processing

We see the huge role customers play in the growth of a business which is why our services go beyond the sales part of the equation. We offer to do follow-ups for you to enhance your customers’ satisfaction.

We know that acquisition is the first little step in the entire process so we make sure that from the get-go, we will be able to efficiently act as your ambassadors.

We will put our best foot forward when dealing with your customers. In this way, we build relationships that last a lifetime. This is vital because human interaction dictates that people share their opinion with others which is an important element in keeping your good name.



Ameeratel provide you with the necessary outsourced sales management strategies

The best part in working with our outsourced sales management team is that we provide services 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, every day for 365 days. Our lines are always open and we strive to respond right away to queries and concerns.

We will make sure that our efficiency in handling your customer acquisition process will be the key for you to open more doors and to get your business to otherwise inactive consumers.

Moreover, we will strive harder and ensure that this will be one of the most sound investments you will make because we make sure that you will get your money’s worth from our services.

If you are interested or would like to request a quote about the customer acquisition-related services, give us a call or simply submit a request quote on our website today!

Let Ameeratel provide you with the necessary outsourced sales management strategies you need today!