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Our Direct Response Marketing Agents Manage Your Telephone Lines

AmeeraTel offers direct response marketing as part of our service list. Direct response is one of the most efficient ways of ensuring business success. Too many things in this fast-paced environment are automated that we tend to forget that quality customer service entails actually having contact to and talking to the customers. This is usually overlooked because of the mentality that making sales is the most important part of the business equation. But for long-term ventures, keeping a client is vital. And that is what AmeeraTel’s direct response is about.

direct responseWe have handled a number of varying marketing arrays with media like emails, newspapers, radio, infomercials, TV ads, magazines, and mail-order catalogs. We give your customers direct toll-free access to our operators. In doing so, when we receive your calls, we act as your ambassadors. And what better ambassadors can you get than our highly skilled staff? Our expertise in receiving and handling callers combined with the proper technology make our center the best solution to handling even the highest volume of calls. And we are scalable to meet your volume demands.

We know how important it is to get to know you so that we can be the best representatives of your company that is why we work with you every step of the way – that is, from the beginning to the end of your marketing campaign.

For a quick reference, here is a list of some of the added value that we provide:

Our service is highly customizable depending on your needs and requirements. Our main software is programmable to suit each business’ unique demands. And our equipment is reliable even when there is a high volume of calls or a sudden fluctuation of inbound callers. And we can give you all these without compromising quality. We understand how disastrous it can be to be able to handle quantity but not give the best service. And we aim

  • Coordinating the best time to air your advertisement
  • Streamlining operator activities to work with your business flow
  • Creating a database of frequently asked questions

And because we know that no two marketing campaigns are the same, we have made ourselves flexible enough to cater to any type.  And we work within your budget.  We help you maximize all your marketing efforts.  Our experience with numerous companies across the country can prove that.  Our service list includes: placing product orders, up selling and cross selling and even capturing leads.  We cover these and other services necessary for a successful marketing campaign.

We work with you in keeping your brand growing.  Let us give your customers the best positive impression by making us your ambassadors.

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