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Comprehensive Help Desk Services for Business Outsourcing

There are many aspects to consider when handling a business.  There is the matter of logistics, manpower, capitalization, equipment and of course, the financial or accounting part.  These are all part and parcel of every sound business venture.  Essentially, a good and profitable business is a combination of some or all of these elements.  We at AmeeraTel understand the needs of businessmen the world over.  We know that there are things that are better outsourced as these may eat up time and energy if done internally.  That is why we take pride in our help desk service.

If you are in a trade that necessitates the use of an outsourced manpower to handle your help desk, our call center support is the best choice to make.  Making the decision to choose our call center translates to more freedom for your internal resources like manpower and equipment.  It also translates to cheaper costs.  It is well-known the world over that creating a help desk is not only labor and time intensive, it is also very expensive.

Telesales Telemarketing Services SolutionsWe at AmeeraTel acknowledge this need.  Our call center can offer your customers 24/7 service, everyday for 365 days a year.  Whatever your line of business is, be it technically inclined or not, we can streamline and tailor our processes to better attend to your requirements.  We have experience in technical support programs, network engineering, help desk, trouble ticket systems and even remote system monitoring.  With comprehensive capabilities, outsourcing your needs to us is one step that ensures you are getting the right people to match and cater to your business needs.

And having been in the industry, we understand the need for feedback and quality control.  We use processes that ensure that your business is attended to by highly skilled professionals of the call center industry.  We have the right staff with the right skills.  And we have random call monitoring that we use as a means of checking and rechecking that our people are adhering to your required standards.  Plus, whatever your business needs, we can tailor our call center to address.  Our talented staff is able to troubleshoot difficult, client specific software and hardware issues.

We can create the right combination of systems, processes and procedures to ensure that we put your best foot forward.  Happy customers mean customers for life and that is what we aim for with every call that we cater to.  Our setup is even flexible enough to accommodate bilingual and multi-lingual support.  And we have experience in handling different industries like security, government agencies, hospitality, health care, franchises, schools, real estate, education, military and even retail.

When you hand over your help desk reigns to us, you can be assured of these things:

  • Lower cost for your help desk
  • More freedom for your internal resources
  • 24/7/365 support for your customers
  • Highly skilled and trained call center professionals
  • Comprehensive experience in the call center industry
  • Help desk that is tailored to you needs as a business

Imagine getting all those benefits by outsourcing your help desk to us.  We do these for you so you can focus your efforts on other aspects of your business.  Leave the help desk to us.  Together, we can create the best formula for your success.