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An Order Taking Service Ensures That You Will Never Miss a Sale

The fast evolution of technology in this information age necessitates that businesses adapt with the same pace to the demands of the time.  Being technologically adept or at the very least, functional, is a requirement for running companies nowadays.  This is all due to the fact that majority of commerce already happens through other means of communication, not only by the face-to-face transaction system of old.  There is already a growing pressure on businesses to be able to handle sales and other aspects via the phone and the Internet.  It is now commonplace to receive an order from another part of the globe for your product.  This means that because business has now become more global, there is a wider audience-reach… a wider customer base.

At a glance, AmeeraTel’s order taking service offers you the following value added services:

  • No missed sales
  • Customizability and scalability according to your needs
  • Chance to cross sell and to up sell
  • Streamlined order taking process
  • E-commerce development
  • Maximization of time and resources

No missed sales.  We at AmeeraTel recognize the need to go global and thus, we have built and developed our services to cater to this requirement.  We are capable of catering to inbound sales calls 24/7, 365 days of the year.  This ensures that you never miss a chance to sell your product or products and that your customers are taken care of all the time.

Customizability and scalability according to your needs.  We understand that different businesses have different requirements and demands based on operations.  Our order taking service is highly customizable and scalable according to your needs.  Our staff is capable to handle your customers whether you have a single product or multiple products.

Chance to cross sell and up sell.  Because your customers are talking to a live operator and not just placing orders on a machine, you are given the chance to up sell and cross sell your other products.  Our highly trained agents can further your business by offering your wares to callers.  It has been proven that the ability to up sell and cross sell increases sales.  This translates to bigger and better business for you.

Streamlined order taking process.  We at AmeeraTel can work with you to create a process flow for order taking that will ensure that all the bases are covered when we take care of your customers.  Callers can be directed to our toll-free numbers or to one that is supplied by you.  Working with you, we can streamline the steps for the best results.  And because we value your business, our skilled agents are geared to answering questions from your customers.  Plus, we can create a list of frequently asked questions as a quick reference.  Again, this translates to better sales figures.

Ecommerce development.  Our operators are positioned to place orders directly on your website.  And if need be, we can assist you in developing your ecommerce as your needs require.

Maximization of time and resources.  Our numerous services ensure that your time and resources are focused towards making business better.  And our customer oriented agents assure that you keep your customers coming back for more.