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Telemarketing Services Solutions

The telephone is probably one of the most important inventions in the world of communications.  It has changed lives the world over.  And in this current global community that has become the result of an exponential rise in communication means and speed, the telephone remains as one of the most useful tools that we have.

With the dawn of the telephone, ingenious marketing strategists invented telemarketing.  It is worthwhile to note that almost everybody who has a telephone has been at the receiving end of various selling tactics.  But it is important to note that our telemarketing at Ameeratel is not based on cold leads – that is what makes our approach more successful.  Even though there is, by convention or by experience, a negative view of telemarketing, this has been shown to actually one of the best ways to advertise.  It is also one of the most cost efficient marketing strategies.

AmeeraTel Telesales ServicesOur wonderful team of professional telemarketers is highly skilled and aptly trained to reach out to your current and potential customers.  Our agents have the right combination of skill and talent so that each call can become a positive experience.

Telemarketing has a variety of facets.  Outbound telephone calls are only the tip of the iceberg.  Telemarketing can be seen in action when a doctor calls a patient to remind him or her of a scheduled check up.  It can also be used for announcing your company’s changes in policy.  The same service can also be used when you need us to conduct surveys or fundraisers.  We do all these plus, we are able to cull and qualify leads that would be useful in your campaign.  We can also update and clear your marketing campaign, update lists, and we can even help you register your target audience for an event.

At the other extreme is the inbound telemarketing service.  Our agents can handle the influx of calls from your customers and gather pertinent information in the process.  We can also handle your customers’ requests and inquiries regarding your products and services.

And because of our years of experience in handling a varied client-base, we can create a tailored telesales campaign that suits your unique requirements within the span of a few days.  And we can even help you create a lead list while adhering to “do not call” standards.

We are one of the top telemarketing companies in the country because of our excellent customer service orientation and lead generation.  Our services will help you grow.  Our telemarketing campaigns are among the best in the business and in turn, we want you to be at the top of your game.  That is our main aim.  With our time tested and proven techniques, we can help your business succeed.