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AmeeraTel Call Center Provides Up Selling and Cross Selling Services

“Would you like fries and soda with your burger?”  This line is now heard in every fast food joint all over the world.  Hearing it said promptly conjures the image of a meal coming out much cheaper with the add-ons.  This is an ingenious way of making the consumer buy more than what he or she originally planned.  This is a simple yet surefire marketing strategy that increases sales by up to forty percent.  In business lingo, this is called cross selling.  And it is one field that AmeeraTel Call Center agents are experts of.

Telesales Telemarketing Services SolutionsCross selling, defined simply, is the art of selling a related product to the one that a consumer is looking for.  In AmeeraTel, our operators ensure the fast movement of all the products across your catalog by offering to cross sell some of your wares.  This is a tactic employed to get customers to look into or consider your other offerings.  Of course, this is not based on just intuitively listening to consumers.  We make it our business to get statistics so that our cross selling strategy target the best possible commerce points.  We look at numbers and study previous stats, making sound and logical item offers to consumers.  Cross selling is just one way of making the sales of your products boom.

Another equally important and effective marketing strategy is up selling.  Up selling is basically making the customer aware of a more expensive and comprehensive version of what he or she is interested in.  It may be that the caller opts to purchase a deluxe or an enhanced product as opposed to the initial and simpler product.  It takes a highly skilled call center agent to make an up sell successful.

Bringing your business to us will ensure you of an increase in your sales because we use simple yet sure ways of reeling in the sales.  Our marketing savvy operators are the best across the board and can inspire and entice customers to buy multiple versions of an item even though these same costumers already have their mind set on just one thing.

Our AmeeraTel Call Center agents are equipped with three things that assure a rise in your sales numbers.  These are technology, training and statistical analysis.  We make sure that we do educated selling so that we can touch the right points when speaking to your customers.  Our operators are trained with the specific skills for selling products based on what statistics prove to work and what you, our client, require of us.

With these in mind, you can rest assured that your business is in good hands.  And these hands allow the maximum use of your potential.  That is, we up sell and cross sell to your customers allowing your normal sales curve to rise exponentially.  This is one valuable service we can offer you: the best sales strategies employed by our talented staff to maximize the potential of your business.  This is an art we are successful in and proud of.